The Avion Consulting team consists of thought leaders who are passionate about helping our clients thrive. Several of our consultants are best-selling authors and have conducted in-depth original research exploring how to maximize the impact of coaching and development initiatives. Through our research, we have developed methodologies and processes to help your managers improve their ability to develop, retain and motivate employees.


We offer customized solutions in the areas of Leadership Development, Organizational Development, and Team Development that enable our clients to enhance the effectiveness of their leaders, teams and overall organization. Much of our research focuses on helping managers, organizations, and leadership and organizational development professionals be more effective in coaching and developing their talent. Through this research, we are able to offer data-based perspectives regarding how to develop leaders, teams and organizations that you will not have access to elsewhere – and deliver this information in a practical and engaging manner.

“We measure our performance according to the impact that we have in driving your business forward.”

– Sacha Lindekens, Partner

The Avion Team

We believe that by creating an environment where people are able to thrive, we can attract and develop firm members who will serve clients with passion, integrity, and excellence.

Logan Gaskill20040630120510

Logan Gaskill

Affiliate Consultant
John Gates, PhD20030630120744
Michelle DiTondo, MBA20020630120957

Michelle DiTondo, MBA

Principal Consultant
Jeanmarie Alessi, MA20010630121205

Jeanmarie Alessi, MA

Affiliate Consultant
Darryl Albertson, PhD20000630121336

Darryl Albertson, PhD

Principal Consultant
Sacha Lindekens, PhD20070524142735
Mike Lynn20070524022842

Mike Lynn

Affiliate Consultant
Marlene Lowe, PhD20060524142614

Marlene Lowe, PhD

Affiliate Consultant
Katie Keller20050630115308

Katie Keller

Administrative Assistant
Jeff Graddy, PhD20040801120005
David Wang20120201170805

David Wang

Affiliate Consultant
Christi Smith20110228002245

Christi Smith

Project Manager
Netysha Santos, MBA20100329002110

Netysha Santos, MBA

Affiliate Consultant

Mission and Values

Avion’s mission is to partner with clients to unleash potential in people.
We refer to our values as The Avion Way, and each of the following values guides how we serve clients and how we lead our firm.

Acting with Integrity and CharacterWe believe in doing the right thing, even when it’s not convenient. We seek to consistently demonstrate alignment between our words and our actions and we always expect the highest levels of professional and personal ethics from ourselves and from one another.
Serving Clients with ExcellenceWe believe that client impact is our ultimate yardstick. We ensure this impact by being thought leaders in our areas of expertise and by providing insightful, independent counsel to our clients. We ensure this counsel has maximum impact by taking action to effectively execute ideas and plans, both internally and externally, and by following through on commitments.
Displaying Personal HumilityWe believe that our success is driven by a service mindset. We put team success before our individual needs. We take personal accountability for our actions and show a willingness to own up to our mistakes and act on feedback from others.
Practicing what We PreachWe believe the ultimate test of a consultant’s credibility is his or her willingness to employ one’s own counsel. In our own leadership, and in the governance of our firm, we seek to truly embody the principles of leadership and employee engagement that we rely on when providing counsel to our clients.
Creating an Environment where People ThriveWe believe our people are our key professional differentiator. We strive to create a healthy and fun work environment that fosters personal and professional growth and success. We will treat others with respect and dignity at all times, and support their individual goals and aspirations.
Demonstrating Grit and GraceWe believe balancing people and performance creates a strong culture and team dynamic. As such, we expect each firm member to demonstrate both grit (resilience and perseverance to excel, even in challenging circumstances) and grace (extending understanding and support when others occasionally fall short).

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