Are you currently experiencing high levels of change due to one or more of the following?

  • Organization restructure
  • Merger
  • Acquisition
  • Rapid growth
  • Service/process model change
  • System implementation


Are you highly confident that you’re managing change as effectively as possible?

We believe that organizational change is a personal, team, and/or organization-level event which, regardless of how positively or negatively it is perceived, requires a new path forward.

Avion’s PERC model for Change Management provides leaders with a path forward through organizational change by helping leaders define success, lead by example, ensure necessary resources, and provide effective coaching.

Learn how to apply Avion’s PERC model to your change event in our 2-day program, in which you will:

  • Understand the rationale for and research behind the need for effective change management
  • Learn about and be able to apply the PERC model and key leader behaviors for managing change
  • Assess your own and your team’s readiness for change and change management
  • Understand additional factors necessary for a successful transition, including stakeholder management and effective communication
  • Learn and apply factors for building resilience through change
  • Create a personalized change action plan


Learn more by downloading the PERC flyer.


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