Regional team within Financial Services firm drives performance through leader and team development

SituationSustain and build on strong team performance in a rapidly changing environment.
SolutionAvion conducted multiple forms of leader and team assessments (including interviews with regional president and all team members, as well as online 360-degree feedback and psychometric assessments) to identify strengths and areas for development at both the team and leader levels. The client received action planning at the executive. leader, and team levels based on key themes coming out of assessment process. Executive coaching was provided over the course of one year with the regional president, as well as feedback, leadership training, and coaching for other leaders within the team. Ongoing team development work was put in place to lead to the identification and execution of strategies and tactics to help ensure leader and team effectiveness.
ResultsThe client achieved demonstrable improvement in executive leader credibility based on a follow-up leader effectiveness survey process, as well as high levels of employee engagement based on a highly respected measure of employee engagement (overall organization health score in the top decile when compared with a global sample of roughly 3 million employees). The client continued to see high levels of team financial performance.

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