Fast growth company develops consistent leadership practices to support anticipated future growth

SituationLack of knowledge and consistency around leadership and management best practices created inefficiencies and conflict in the management of the organization. In addition, the concern was current leadership practices were not scalable and that the issues would only worsen as the company continued to grow. Employee burnout and cross functional conflict were particular issues of note.
SolutionAvion conducted a needs analysis to assess specific leadership competencies in which the organization needed to have a more aligned set of management practices. Insights were translated into a customized curriculum for senior leaders. Over the course of a year, the senior leadership team received 8 days of facilitated leadership training focused on developing skills against a consistent set of core management practices (e.g., feedback, coaching change management, interviewing skills, and performance evaluations) and emotional intelligence attributes (self-awareness, managing emotions, navigating conflict, flexing to different personalities, and demonstrating empathy for others). Avion presented leadership best practices and provided leaders with the opportunity to practice leadership behaviors in a classroom setting. Participants received a peer coach to support on the job implementation. Finally, participants received 360 feedback and one-on-one coaching at 2 different points over the course of the engagement to focus leaders on what they specifically needed to focus on and to measure change over time.
ResultsThe client developed a consistent set of practices and a language around leadership. Each participant had a personally relevant action plan to guide his or her professional development. Follow up 360 feedback demonstrated a 22% improvement in perceived leader credibility, with 17 out of 19 participants exhibiting meaningful positive improvement in their follow up 360 feedback results.

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