Corporate and investment banking division increases employee engagement

SituationCorporate and investment banking division of a large, global bank achieved substantial increases in junior banker engagement.
SolutionWith the goal of increasing engagement and retention of junior bankers, Avion rolled out a multi-faceted leader development initiative focused on the development of senior bankers (at the VP, Director, and MD levels). This initiative extended through the course of the entire lifecycle of a first-year junior banker (Analyst or Associate). Quarterly small group coaching sessions focused on effective onboarding, goal-setting, feedback and coaching, mid-year reviews, career development, and year-end conversations. A pulse survey was used after each group coaching session to measure improvements in overall engagement, as well as leader effectiveness relative to practices taught during a given quarterly small group coaching session.
ResultsThe client achieved measurable and substantial increases over the course of two years (two cohort groups of firm junior bankers), both in terms of overall engagement and in terms of leadership effectiveness of immediate managers and senior banker mentors.

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