Avion Consulting at the Vision Source Exchange

Thank you for visiting our booth (2603) and for your interest in Avion Consulting!

We are a boutique consulting firm specializing in leadership, team, and organizational development. We’ve partnered with Vision Source Optometrists and their offices for a number of years specifically in the areas of leadership, office management, communication, and team development. Whether you have an established practice or are just getting started, our team can help you enhance the performance, potential, and retention of your office staff.

Here you will find links to download all of our flyers and Learning Lab materials from the Vision Source Exchange conference. If you have questions or would like someone from our team to reach out to you, please email Morgan Massie at mmassie@avionconsulting.com. Thank you!


For Leaders and Managers: 

Make Your Team Conversations Count! Five Coaching Conversations Live Online 6-Week Program

Free Five Coaching Conversations Webinar

Avion’s Leadership Effectiveness Assessment and One-On-One Coaching


Lunch and Learn Workshops The Whole Office Can Attend: 

Navigating Difficult Conversations Lunch and Learn 3-Week Series

Resilience Lunch and Learn 3-Week Series

Social Styles Lunch and Learn 1.5 Hour Workshop


Learning Lab Schedule And Handout

Make Your Team Conversations Count!

Want to maximize the performance and motivation of your staff? In this lively panel discussion, learn how to increase your influence and impact in conversations with your staff, colleagues, and patients through Avion’s research-based Five Coaching Conversations model. Co-facilitated by Dr. Pete Kehoe, Dr. Dori Carlson, and Morgan Massie (Avion Consultant, certified coach, and one of the authors of the best-selling book The Five Coaching Conversations).

Sessions (50 min each):

  • Thurs 4:15-5:15p
  • Friday 4-5p & 5-6p
  • Saturday 2:30-3:30p & 3:30-4:30p


Learning Lab Workbook