360-Degree Feedback

Avion supports leaders in building self-awareness of their strengths and development areas, and in creating strategies to maximize their impact through 360-degree feedback programs. We have conducted original research in this area, and have detailed aspects of our evidence-based approach in our 2017 book How Leaders Improve. We combine decades of collective experience with our unique methodology to offer our clients both off the shelf and fully customized solutions to meet the timelines, requirements, scale, and budget of their leadership development strategies.

Interview-Based Assessments

In cases where the goal is to provide leaders with the richest possible feedback, the best approach is interview-based feedback from key stakeholders at various levels within and potentially outside of the leader’s organization. We partner with you to communicate and manage these engagements to create the optimal environment for meaningful engagement and feedback from leaders and feedback providers. The result is a Leadership Development Plan (LDP), which consists of a detailed, written feedback summary document, and a specific set of planned actions the leader co-creates with an Avion coach to address the feedback collected on their behalf.

Survey-Based Assessments

In cases where the goal is to provide leaders across an organization with powerful feedback in a scalable manner, an effective option is an online survey-based feedback. We partner with you to plan, communicate, and deploy our Leadership Effectiveness Assessment (LEA), which provides leaders with both quantitative feedback related to a number of key leadership competencies, as well as verbatim comments in response to several open-ended questions. An Avion coach then supports each leader in interpreting the feedback, and in identifying actions to address what they have learned.

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Avion has partnered with clients across a variety of industries to create custom 360-Degree Feedback programs aligned to their specific organizational culture, values, and leadership competencies and standards. We have also deployed hybrid models utilizing both interviews and surveys, and often include psychometric data. Many clients elect to engage Avion in ‘mini’ follow-up 360-degree assessments to gauge progress over time, and procure extended executive coaching services from us to help their leaders deploy their action plans and integrate what they have learned about themselves into their leadership approach.

Let’s talk 360-Degree Feedback!