Defining Moments

Small actions that have a huge impact

Creating your culture one moment at a time

Avion believes we have cracked the code to create your ideal culture by focusing on specific behaviors that our research shows drives feelings of value and belonging. We help organizations develop more effective, inclusive leaders by coaching leaders on how perceptions of culture are created and reinforced through what we call “Defining Moments.” Defining Moments are the memorable moments that matter in an employee’s journey.  Whether having a positive or negative impact, these moments are memorable because they are personally impactful and emotional.

Defining Moments are small actions that have a huge impact.

The idea that small actions can have a huge impact is supported by long-standing research on the impact that small behaviors can have on what one believes about an organization’s culture. Consistent with Avion’s philosophy on the impact of leader behaviors – and how behaviors can be changed – the model describes specific actions that everyone in the organization can take to be a part of creating a culture that welcomes and values all. Most importantly, the model also provides actions for senior leaders and allies, or those in a position of power, to take in order to play a big role in being part of the solution. 

mentoring younger employees

What Clients Are Saying

“I wanted to reach out and say thank you for the training yesterday. My first thought of training along these lines was I was not in favor of it. The way in which the training was done opened my mind to a new perspective. I have already implemented things learned at the workshop. You both did a great job in the way these ideas were presented. I always thought because I looked to create a positive work environment everything I was doing was correct. I looked at things how I perceived them. I learned my perspective is not the only one. I need to be mindful of others’ perspectives. Now, armed with some new tools I can look to improve on something I thought was a great work environment.”

-Defining Moments Participant

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