Change Management

Avion approaches change management not only as a structured and organized effort to deliver positive business and organizational results, but also as an opportunity to build trust and a culture of performance and growth within the client’s workforce. We accomplish this by partnering with clients to scope, plan, communicate, implement and monitor change efforts, all while ensuring that every stakeholder is informed, engaged, and motivated to contribute to the success of the change.

Change can be difficult and often results in resistance and disruption. With Avion as your change management partner, you can rest assured that your organization is properly prepared for the process. We help our clients navigate change initiatives with support in the following areas:

  • Scope and impact analysis
  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Stakeholder analysis and communication
  • Resource needs assessment
  • Implementation planning and execution
  • Monitoring and adjustment
  • Employee feedback and ongoing engagement

Avion Partners and Principals have led major change initiatives for some of the largest organizations in the world as both external consultants and internal leaders. We utilize a number of different change management models depending on specific client needs, including an internally developed rubric for leading through change that we refer to as the Avion PERC Model.

Define the Path to SuccessAs a leader, it is critical to determine the organization’s needs, clarify the path forward, and clearly and consistently communicate the changes that are needed.
Lead by ExampleLeaders must set the example by acting with integrity, modeling the desired behaviors, and displaying courage when needed.
Provide Necessary ResourcesLeaders must determine what resources are required, work with others to provide the needed support, and remove any barriers that are in the way of the desired change outcome.
Provide Effective CoachingLeaders need to assess key aspects of the coaching context, engage others in effective coaching conversations, and evaluate the progress people are making with the change.

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