Culture Transformation

Avion partners with clients in a shared mission to build more inclusive organizational cultures. We do this by helping individuals and leaders focus on the specific behaviors that our research shows drives perceptions and feelings of value and belonging through what we call “Defining Moments.”

Defining Moments are small actions that have a huge impact. They are the memorable experiences in an employee’s journey – big and small, positive and negative – that are personally relevant and emotional. The idea that small actions have a huge impact on what one believes about an organization’s culture is supported by long-standing research, and validated by Avion’s own original research. Consistent with Avion’s philosophy on the impact and adapability of leader behavior, the model describes specific actions senior leaders, allies in positions of power, and every individual can take to drive a culture that welcomes and values everyone.

The Defining Moments approach can be activated as a workshop or keynote experience, a team building event, an individual coaching model, or in any other format that supports your organization in becoming a more inclusive space.

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