The Inner Drivers of Engagement

Harnessing the power of intrinsic motivation

Turning Employee Engagement Inside Out

Most employee engagement efforts fall short because they are focused on extrinsic motivators and rewards, rather than the much more powerful forces of intrinsic motivation.

Avion’s Inner Drivers Model combines decades of academic research on human motivation with the insights Avion Partners and Principals have gained from helping thousands of individuals unleash their full potential. The result is a blueprint for employees to develop the deep and abiding intrinsic motivation they need to fully engage at work.

We help employees and leaders at all levels unleash their intrinsic motivation by helping them explore each of the four drivers of engagement:

Integrated SelfWho are you? Embrace the experiences that make you who you are, and integrate them into a positive sense of identity at work.
CompetenceWhat are you capable of? Connect your existing skills and those you would like to acquire to the impacts you intend to make at work.
AutonomyWhat is the best version of you? Visualize the most effective and fulfilled version of yourself, and take control to bring that vision to life.
RelatednessWho is with you? Build stronger bonds with the individuals and groups who you depend upon, and who depend upon you.

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