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Stop Giving Answers to the Test – Guiding Metaphors in Leadership

We would like to share an excerpt and case study from our best-selling book “How Leaders Improve” that illustrates the concept we at #AvionConsulting refer to as a “guiding metaphor” that leaders can constantly refer to in order to help them improve. A specific conversation with one of our most improved leaders heavily influenced […]

Self-Leadership Makes a Great Leader

What does self-leadership have to do with being a great leader? It is where great leadership starts. In this TEDx Talk Lars Sudmann gives an entertaining look into why self-leadership is so important, and how we can improve our self leadership. These tools are rooted in history, reaching back at least to Marcus Aurelius […]

How to be a Trillion Dollar Coach

Bill Campbell was a legendary coach on so many levels beginning as a college football coach, and then coaching corporate giants including Apple, Intuit, Google, and Facebook, to name a few. Although he left us in 2016, his impact is deeply seeded within the corporations who were fortunate enough to learn from him. In fact, […]