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How to be a Trillion Dollar Coach

Bill Campbell was a legendary coach on so many levels beginning as a college football coach, and then coaching corporate giants including Apple, Intuit, Google, and Facebook, to name a few. Although he left us in 2016, his impact is deeply seeded within the corporations who were fortunate enough to learn from him. In fact, […]

Secrets to Being a Great Leader

What are the secrets to being a great leader? Are there attributes of great leaders that anyone can learn and apply to their daily life? #BrentGleeson has narrowed down 6 key things that great leaders do every day that get results in this #Forbes article Communicate: Effective communication is crucial and requires a leader […]

Channel Your Inner Jim Thorpe and Accomplish Anything

“You can have your reasons, or your results, but not both.” As coaches, we sometimes observe that our coachees make excuses when their performance is less than desired, but if they knew how to channel their inner Jim Thorpe, they could accomplish whatever they wanted. Jim Thorpe is one of the greatest examples in history […]