Leadership Coaching

Avion partners with clients to both introduce and scale leadership coaching in their organizations. In addition to providing access to a world class roster of coaches, we are also able to provide program management support, maximizing value and impact and limiting the strain on internal staff.

Our Coaches

Avion has conducted extensive research in various aspects of leadership development, which has been synthesized into several best selling books written by our Partners and Consultants. We have integrated our insights into a high-impact coaching approach focused on priming leaders for meaningful change through self-awareness and clarity of incentives. Some of the methods and tools we use include:

  • Interview and survey-based 360s
  • Psychometric assessments
  • On-the-job observation and feedback
  • Development planning and impact analysis with stakeholders

Coaching Program Management and Evaluation

The burden of managing engagements is one of the primary obstacles organizations face in attempting to scale coaching. Avion provides a turn-key experience for our clients by providing program management and evaluation services for all engagements with our coaches. Our services can be customized to your needs, and typically include:


Kick-off emails and process information for participants and stakeholders

Coach matching:

Intake meetings on preferences and goals, sharing bios and organizing chemistry meetings

Tracking and check-ins:

Monthly reporting on session utilization, troubleshooting scheduling issues and disengagement, determining timing and coordinating scheduling of stakeholder alignment meetings

Evaluation and analysis:

Post-engagement reports based on stakeholder interviews and surveys, aggregated reports on coaching insights across the organizational

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