Avion’s ReNew Leadership Playbook

This is a unique time in our history. We have never before experienced a crisis that has had this sort of impact on us, both professionally and personally. Additionally, in the relatively short period of time we have been impacted by COVID-19, much about our workplace has and will continue to change.

We will not be returning to normal. We are returning to a new normal that will bring with it many changes and concerns, and much anxiety. In the spirit of providing support during this time, we at Avion have developed a framework for re-engagement and are sharing this framework, along with best practice guidance and curated activities, in a leadership playbook to help ensure that your re-engagement, as well as the re-engagement of the people you lead, is successful.

Our ReNew framework for re-engaging in the new normal is based on our best-selling book, The Five Coaching Conversations. We started writing our book well before the world changed dramatically due to coronavirus. Yet, we believe our book provides an extremely helpful framework for any leader, not just in a business-as-usual environment but also in the midst of a crisis like the one we are now all experiencing.

The Five Coaching Conversations started with the question, what do highly effective coaches actually do? And based on our research, the answer is that they are skilled at having five kinds of coaching conversations: Explaining, Exploring, Encouraging, Empowering, and Elevating — based on the needs of their coachee. As individuals and teams return to the workplace with a variety of concerns and challenges facing them, a leader’s ability to adapt their approach based on what the coachee needs will never be more critical. This playbook has a brief overview of each conversation, along with aligned exercises. By completing these practical exercises and tools, you develop your own skill-set and readiness for change, and you also create a game plan to support your team through change and re-engagement.

You can access this complimentary playbook by clicking here. We hope you find it a helpful and valuable resource as we continue to navigate this global change together.

If we can be of assistance to you during this time, feel free to reach us via our contact page and a member of our team will connect with you.


Stay well, stay strong, stay resilient.



The Avion Consulting team

May 5, 2020