The Workplace Today: Showing Interest and Appreciation

If you want to learn something, teach it.

Most companies have their Employee Resource Groups plan their heritage and history month activities to teach others.

-Black Employee Groups plan Black History Month
-AAPIA Employee Groups plan Asian History Month
-Hispanic and Latinx Employee Groups plan Hispanic Heritage Month

On the surface, that makes sense. Those of us in these groups know our history and want to celebrate our achievements.

A different approach would add more value.

What if leaders outside these groups planned these celebrations?

Planning the celebration is an opportunity to show authentic interest, learn about a heritage other than your own, and express appreciation for your team’s diversity.

Our research shows that expressing interest and appreciating others drives feelings of value and belonging.

And as someone wise once said, there is no better way to learn something than to teach it to others.

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March 8, 2021