Written by two global leadership experts at Avion Consulting, Dr. Sacha Lindekens and Dr. Jeff Graddy, “Ready, Set, RIPEN!” tells the story of Rick, an executive who gets some useful advice about how to be a better coach at work from a surprising source. Engaging and practical, this fable follows the ups and downs that Rick experiences in trying to coach his people, his colleagues, and even his boss. Each of the characters surrounding Rick in the story has a unique but recognizable challenge, so everyone will be able to easily relate to something and take away practical insights they can apply back on the job.

The RIPEN model for coaching and talent development provides a researched-based, easy-to-apply model for ensuring that the people you want to coach are ready, willing, and able to make the changes required. Developed at global consultancy Avion Consulting, the concepts underlying the RIPEN model have been used by our consultants for over two decades to help thousands of leaders grow into better coaches and talent developers.

“The RIPEN model strikes the right balance between theoretical rigor and real world practicality. This methodology challenges many of the misconceptions business leaders have about how to coach and develop people, and is sure to benefit those leaders looking to further develop their talent development skills.”

Head of HR, Microsoft Japan


About the Authors

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