What makes How Leaders Improve: A Playbook for Leaders Who Want to Get Better Now markedly different from and better than the scores of other books on the topic of leadership? Instead of dedicating their efforts to imparting wisdom on what makes a great leader, the three-person leadership training “dream team” behind this book explain how already-effective leaders can actually get better. How Leaders Improve is a data- and research-driven playbook for how any leader can improve their leadership abilities in a practical, immediate way. Authors Gates, Graddy, and Lindekens―all experienced executive coaches and leadership development consultants―have spent their careers developing leaders, and now they share 10 key insights derived from interviews with leaders who achieved significant improvements in their leadership effectiveness.

These data-driven insights are augmented by the authors’ knowledge of the science behind human behavior change, as well as their experience in developing leaders. The book serves four audiences: leaders looking to improve themselves; organizational stakeholders with the responsibility of developing leaders; individual coaches or managers who want to boost their effectiveness in developing leaders; and educators in the fields of leadership, communication, organizational behavior, organizational psychology, and related fields.

“There are a multitude of books detailing what great leaders do, but precious few that provide an effective roadmap for actually becoming better leaders. My experience as a career Navy SEAL officer and management consultant has taught me that people can indeed improve their leadership ability–and How Leaders Improve provides a valuable, practical, research-based approach to doing just that.”

– Jason H. Booher
CEO, Northwest Harbor Solutions, U.S. Navy SEAL LT (Ret.)

LeadersStop wondering about how to improve and start actually getting better now.
CoachesDeliver better results by focusing on what leaders must do to actually improve.
Human ResourcesLearn new tools that help you challenge the leaders you support.
OrganizationsMake sure investments in leadership development are actually paying off.

“Are you in search of an approach to leader effectiveness that will improve your impact immediately? In this thorough, deep dive into how a leader can improve, you will not get a quick, fleeting fix. Instead, you will get a methodical, practical, and timeless playbook for a lifetime of ongoing leadership development. I highly recommend this as a treasured tool for drawing the best out of yourself, your team, and your organization.”

– Dr. Jackie Freiberg
Author of the best-selling NUTS! Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success and six other award-winning books


About the Authors

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