How do leaders actually improve?

Q: How do leaders actually improve?

A: [crickets chirping]

Have you ever wondered why some leaders get better and some don’t? It seems that despite all of the books out there on leadership and all of the money organizations spend on developing leaders, that everyone would get better. But we know this just isn’t true! Some leaders improve more than others…so the question kept nagging at us: HOW do leaders actually improve? Over the last two years we have endeavored to add to the field of leadership development by better understanding this issue: how leaders actually improve. Through in-depth interviews with leaders who actually got better, we believe we have some very practical insights that leaders, coaches, and organizations can implement immediately in order to getter better results.

Over the coming months, we will share some of this wisdom in our blog and will keep you posted on the release date of our forthcoming book “How Leaders Improve: A Playbook for Leaders Who Want to Get Better Now” written by Avion Consulting partners John Gates, Ph.D., Jeff Graddy, Ph.D. and Sacha Lindekens, Ph.D. – coming out Fall 2017!

Stay tuned!

April 18, 2017