Secrets to Being a Great Leader

What are the secrets to being a great leader? Are there attributes of great leaders that anyone can learn and apply to their daily life? #BrentGleeson has narrowed down 6 key things that great leaders do every day that get results in this #Forbes article

  1. Communicate: Effective communication is crucial and requires a leader to adapt their communication style based on the situation and the audience. The ultimate goal is to achieve three critical outcomes from the team; buy-in, engagement and participation.
  2. Make Thoughtful (and Tough) Decisions: In decision making, there is an important timing balance a leader must find. They need to avoid falling victim to “analysis paralysis” and at the same time should not make decisions too hastily.
  3. Inspire Others: Great leaders know how and when to motivate and inspire their team. They also lead by example with poise and etiquette, so that everyone around them knows what is expected in all interactions.
  4. Empower Others: For leaders to empower others they must be willing to relinquish control and have confidence in their team to execute tasks effectively. Great leaders have built great teams so that each member can take ownership and complete their tasks well, and as a result the entire team wins.
  5. Exemplify Accountability: Gleeson states that “Accountability has a direct and measurable impact on productivity, efficiency, growth and profitability,” which is why it is imperative that leaders are always accountable and take ownership for the team’s failures while projecting success and gratitude to their team.
  6. Develop Leadership at All Levels: Regardless of rank or title, leaders can be found at every level of an organization. “A leader is someone who takes on more than what’s asked and helps others to achieve a common goal.”

Which of these qualities do you possess in your leadership style and which leave room for improvement? We appreciate your input and also invite you to join our newsletter for further discussion at

August 8, 2019