Using the RIPEN Model for Behavioral Change in Employees

Often times business leaders find themselves facing a dilemma with an employee who seems resistant to make the changes necessary in order to demonstrate the desired performance levels. Do these leaders use the “easy button” and replace the employee, or do they dig their heels in and work with that employee to facilitate change? After decades of experience as coaches and as psychologists, we have found that people can and do change their behaviors—they simply need to be “ripe” enough to do so. That is, the right conditions and psychological factors need to be in place for them to be open and willing to change. We have developed a model that outlines the conditions and psychological factors that determine how open and willing a person is to changing their behavior: RIPEN. Our model lays out the five factors – realization (R), incentive (I), pressure (P), expectation (E) and natural inclination (N) – that determines how open a person is to changing their behaviors, regardless of what the change is. The RIPEN model was first introduced in our best-selling book “How Leaders Improve” and is explored in greater detail in our recently released best-seller “Ready, Set, RIPEN!”

We help our clients to learn and adopt the RIPEN model in their efforts to develop others, are pleased to hear feedback like this from Katsuyoshi Sugita, Head of HR, Microsoft Japan “The RIPEN model strikes the right balance between theoretical rigor and real world practicality. This methodology challenges many of the misconceptions business leaders have about how to coach and develop people and is sure to benefit those leaders looking to further develop their talent development skills.” Business leaders, what tools have you used to help an employee change their behavior? How do you think the RIPEN model can be incorporated into future coaching experiences? For more about Avion Consulting and our books, visit We also invite you to join the #AvionConsulting newsletter for further discussion at

April 15, 2019