Why Leadership Development is Important During Organizational Change

Organizational change can be a daunting process, with many opportunities for leaders to make costly decisions that don’t actually benefit the growth of the company. We have found investing in leadership development programs during times of significant change actually enables organizations to not only survive the organizational change, but to actually thrive as a result. This concept, however, sometimes gets negative push-back from organization members who fear that embarking on such a program during the chaos of change is overwhelming and impossible. This insightful and inspiring #Forbes article by #BrentGleeson https://www.forbes.com/sites/brentgleeson/2018/06/04/leadership-developments-role-in-successful-organizational-change/#6a9d418afdd6 explains from his first-hand experience why leadership development is so crucial during this volatile time.

At #AvionConsulting we have designed leadership development programs specifically for organizations going through change and our clients who have trusted us during this process have had incredible results. For example, we rolled out an extensive leadership development program (including 360 feedback, coaching and 8 days of classroom-based leadership development spread out over a 9-month period) to senior leaders within a mid-sized healthcare company that was recently acquired by a new controlling entity. Rather than serving as a distraction, the development experience provided an excellent opportunity for participants to discuss and align against how to effectively lead through the change.

Have you undergone leadership development during organizational change, and if so, how did it benefit you and your company in the long run? Your response may benefit other business leaders and we encourage you to share your comments. We also invite you to join our newsletter for further discussion at  http://bit.ly/AvionNews.

July 11, 2019